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Facebook Advertising lets you take a your business presence in social networks to a new level and grant a high-quality contact with huge amount of target audience. Working with Dziga Advertising you can most effectively to promote your business and services in Facebook.

Facebook lets use for PPC advertising various formats and flexible targetings, that`s why Facebook advertising could show you impressive results, but only if your arvertising account is correctly structured by professionals which we are also.

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Facebook PPC

Doing a promotion for your business in Facebook, we will choose that audience exactly, which you need - by age, sex, location or interests. And even the audience which are nearby your office or shop.

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Instagram Advertising

Our team perfectly know all nuances of fine-tuning advertising in Instagram. Using different formats and strategies we will optimize your promo expences and will significantly increase a number of conversions.

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Facebook Remarketing

We can use retargeting to show an advertising for users who were already visited your website, but did not do a conversion or we can target your advertising to a fiends list of the users, who already bought something on your website.

Since 2014 we are working with clients from

Our clients live in 3 diferent time zones but we are avaible and opened

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Еще немного о рекламе в Facebook

Cost of our service for Facebook PPC management is varied from 250 EUR to 2500 EUR in the month and it depends on promo budget and quantity of working hours spended for the work with clients advertising account.

Working with clients advertising accounts we do full scoop of tasks: fine-tuning of account, targeting optimization, creation of various ad formats, setting up of Facebook Pixel, ROI tracking and customer reports creation.

When your promo campaigns will be started, our marketers will analize data in order to determine an effectivity of advertising for different promo budgets and target audience. After that we will refine a targeting and promo content and repeat the process again. Thus we will optimize an account and get maximum ROI from Facebook advertising.

For our clients we provide custom, detailed and clear reports. Every our client gets monthly report about work of our team, besides, if it is necessary, during the month we prepare the information that a client is interested for.

How to start?

Please, call us or fill the form bellow and one of our specialist will contact you. We will be glad to propose you a free audit of your web site after that we will prepare a personal proposition for you.

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