Google Ads (Adwords)

Dziga Advertising provide a professional service of Google Ads campaigns management. If you are looking for effective optimization for current Google Ads account or you are needed in creation of new campaigns - we will help you.

All our specialists are Google Certified and have deep experience with creation and optimization of Google Ads for a wide range of industries

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Our specializations

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Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads will show your advertising to target audience just at the moment when they are looking for your goods or services. Our marketing team will select most effective keywords and make a fine-tuned configuration of Google Search Ad for your business.

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Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads lets show your advertising to your target audience when they are visiting other websites and internet services. We will setup all needed targetings, create banners and refine website network for most effective advertising.

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Google Mobile Ads

Google Mobile Ads shows your advertising to your target audience, when they use mobile search or apps. Our team will setting up mobile advertising for your business more fine-tuned and effectively.

Since 2014 we are working with clients from

Our clients live in 3 diferent time zones but we are avaible and opened

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A few words more about Google Ads

Cost of our service for Google Ads management is varied from 250 EUR to 2500 EUR in the month and it depends on promo budget and quantity of working hours spended for the work with clients advertising account.

Working with clients advertising accounts we do full scoop of tasks: fine-tuning of Google Ads account, setting up of Google Analytics and conversion tracking, creation and optimization of ads, optimization of keywords list and targetings, creation of ads show shedule and much more.

According to current situation with your Google Ads account our specialists will define whether to re-build the account. Because an account history significant impact to Quality Score, Cost-per-Click (CPC) and Cost-per-Conversion (CPA), often it is better to to start from scratch if the account has bad history.

For our clients we provide custom, detailed and clear reports. Every our client gets monthly report about work of our team, besides, if it is necessary, during the month we prepare the information that a client is interested for. And based on our reports together with client we define an advertising strategy in Google Ads.

How to start?

Please, call us or fill the form bellow and one of our specialist will contact you. We will be glad to propose you a free audit of your web site after that we will prepare a personal proposition for you.

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Just fill the form and we will necessarily answer you during 24 hours

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