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A few words about us

We are DZIGA, small but experienced team providing full service in digital marketing and web development. We are experts in SEO, PPC and digital advertising at all.

Картинка "Команда" | DZIGA Advertising

There are 4 experienced digital marketers in our team with common experience about 15 years. All our specialists are certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Картинка "Стратегия анализа" | DZIGA Advertising

We are ready to make deep analyse of your website in order to understand exactly what can do for your business

Картинка "Командная работа" | DZIGA Advertising

Since 2014 we cooperate with our clients from USA, EU and Ukraine. In our work, we use high level standarts of digital marketing and project management.

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We manage campaigns effectivelly in 7 lanquages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian and Chinese

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For every project we use tools and marketing analysis methods, our team provide detailed reports and answer clerly to questions of our clients.

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We are always into details, opened in processes and result-oriented. Our team is focused on complex projects and long term relationships. Our business grows only if a business of our clients grows too.

Our tools

Логотип Hubstaff | DZIGA Advertising

We track working hours with Hubstaff

Логотип Slack | DZIGA Advertising

For internal communication and discussing of work issues we use Slack

Логотип Gmail | DZIGA Advertising

Gmail is our tools for a communication with clients and partners.

Логотип Trello | DZIGA Advertising

Our planning and task process tracking tool is Trello

Логотип Dropbox | DZIGA Advertising

Central storage and backup for all files is Dropbox

Логотип Google Calendar | DZIGA Advertising

All our meetings and Skype calls are planed in Google Calendar

We keep all our data in cloud storages and all accesses of our clients we save with two-factor verification

Картинка "Память" | DZIGA Advertising

Our specialists never forget something

Картинка "Защита файлов" | DZIGA Advertising

Our team don't lose any documents, contracts or materials

Картинка "План" | DZIGA Advertising

We stick to a well-thought-out plan

Картинка "Резервные копии" | DZIGA Advertising

We always do backups and keep them for a long time

It is very comfortable to work with us

We take limited number of clients in order to have a opportunity to help everyone equally

Our team take sides in business of every client and understanding of the difficulties in its promotion

We provide justified guarantees and if it is necessary we are ready to sign a NDA agreement with our clients

We accept payments with IBAN and PayPal

In exchange of documents we use digital signature

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Among our clients

Local business

Trading companies

Exporters of goods and services


Internet services and projects


Since 2014 we are working with clients from

Our clients live in 3 diferent time zones but we are avaible and opened

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How do we work?

There are 8 simple steps for beginning of a cooperation

Step #1

We received your application and during 24 hours answer it. Also we plan a common Skype call.

Step #2

During a Skype call we will present our company and services, talk about your business and discuss all interested details.

Step #3

We will agree about time frame and directions of audit of your current marketing activities (as a result you will receive a report and road-map of optimization)

Step #4

You share necessary access for audit process: Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.

Step #5

After 7 days you will receive detailed report and road-map and we will answer for all additional questions.

Step #6

During a second Skype call we will agree about sequence and cost of road-map realization. And also about target dates.

Step #7

Our team start a work and from this moment we will be responsible for everything that will be changed in digital marketing of your website

Step #8

Every week we do a Skype call and show you results, discuss plans and tell you about new opportunities for your business.

How to start?

Please, call us or fill the form bellow and one of our specialist will contact you. We will be glad to propose you a free audit of your web site after that we will prepare a personal proposition for you.

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Just fill the form and we will necessarily answer you during 24 hours

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